The system for non-profit making foundations was first introduced in 1896, over 110 years ago, by the Meiji government. On the 1st of December 2008, the Japanese government greatly revised the system and enforced a new set of laws. In December 2008, in accordance with these new laws, we established a general foundation called the Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai Public Foundation (The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture (NBSK)). We applied for the status of ‘Public Foundation’ to the Cabinet Office in March 2009 and was officially designated as a ‘Public Foundation’ by the prime minister in December 2009.

It is our intention to perform various activities to promote Japanese art and culture to generate public interest.

Japanese swords attract a deep interest and are highly valued outside of Japan today. We also understand that there is an intense desire to learn about their cultural value and beauty.

The Japanese Sword is a representative symbol of the culture of Japan and a mirror reflecting the soul of the Japanese. We hope to successfully promote Japanese sword culture and that people will be able to enrich their minds through the taking an interest in Japanese swords. The Japanese sword culture is an intellectual asset and concept that has been fostered and inherited throughout our history. Also we spare no effort to add new substance to this admirable tradition.

We believe that it is our obligation to succeed to the tradition and culture of the Japanese sword, which has been passed down for over a thousand years. We must also create a new value for the sword in modern society and introduce it to the world as a treasure for all human beings. We hope people who share these ideals will join us and we can take a step forward in the promotion of Japanese sword culture.

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture (NBSK)

President Shunji Yanai


[Board members of  The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture (NBSK)]

  • President, Special adviser and Counselors
President Shunji Yanai
Special adviser Terutaka Kawabata
Counselors Kenichi Ishikawa
Shunichi Sato
Akihiko Shiba
Nick Nakamura
Kohichi Nezu
Kazumi Murose
Honorary Chairman Koshu Hon’ami
Consultants Kazuyuki Takayama
Sadatoshi gassan
  • Board of Trustees
Yoshio Iida
Nagamasa Ikeda
Koshiro Izumi
Kenichi Inami
Yoshimitsu Ono
Kimiko Kamata
Ippei Kawachi
Masao Sugiyanma
Mitsuo Nishikawa
Michiko Hiruta
Masao Hon’ami
Paul Martin
Tetsutaro Morii
Hiroyuki Yoshida
Tsunetsugu Watanabe


  • Board of Directors and Inspectors
Chairman of the board of Director Kuniie Yosihara
Managing Director Hiroshi Miyajima
Executive Directors Kazunori Abe
Makio Koga
KozaemonYukihira Miyairi
Takeshi Miyashita
Yoshio Watanabe
Directors Takahiro Ono
Akihira Kawasaki
Kenmochi Naotoshi
Nobuhiko Fukami
Masashi Hasegawa
Takahiro Mori
Shikun Morii
Inspectors Umeji Sasazu
Tsukasa Takita
  • Board of Fellows
Kazunori Abe
Andrew Mancabelli
Kyoko Ikuta
Koshiro Izumi
Kenichi Inami
Yoshimitsu Ono
Hisao Okabe
Kazuhiko Ogawa
Takahiro Ono
Akihira Kawasaki
Naotoshi Kenmochi
Tadashi Kono
Yoshitaka Shimizu
Setsuo Takaiwa
Tetsuya Tsubouchi
Michiko Hiruta
Tatsuya Fujishiro
Takeshi Hon’ami
Paul Martin
Sadanao Mikami
Takeshi Miyashita
Atsuhiro Morii
Tetsutaro Morii
Hideo Yoshida
Masaru Yoshino
Tsunetsugu Watanabe


  • Special Researcher
Kyoko Ikuta
Mikio Ootaki
  • Head Office Secretary General
Kunihiko Takamori

[Mission statement]

Purposes and Activities of The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture (NBSK)

This foundation contributes to the conservation of Japanese swords, the training of sword craftsmen and endeavours to develop Japanese sword culture with the spirit and intention of protecting the cultural properties of Japan. The NBSK contributes to the promotion of Japanese culture both inside and outside Japan. To accomplish the above purposes, it is our intention to implement the activities described below.

  1. Conserve traditional sword craftsmanship and foster its successors.

  2. Host sword exhibitions, training courses of sword craftsmanship, lecture meetings, etc.

  3. Research traditional craftsmanship and collect relevant data and present papers.

  4. Promote the traditional culture of Japan.

  5. Create publications to distribute information related to Japanese sword culture, traditional craftsmanship and Japanese culture.

  6. Other activities to accomplish the mission of the foundation.

Current activities serving for public interest

  1. Support to the training courses for swordsmiths and other craftsmen.

  2. Sword and tosogu (sword fittings) appreciation meetings.

  3. Training course of sword and tosogu handling for museum curators.

  4. Co-host the Omamori-katana Exhibition with the All Japan Swordsmiths Association.

  5. Co-host sword fittings exhibitions and international symposiums with the Kokusai Tosogu Kai (KTK).

  6. Host an annual competition and exhibition of swordsmiths and other sword craftsmen.