Member Benefits

  • NBSK Newsletter, progress reports of our projects and other useful information are provided through our web site.

  • Members are given priority in taking part in events hosted and supported by the NBSK.

  • The NBSK listens and takes heed of constructive opinions and takes into consideration, requests and ideas from members with a view to adopting them into our projects and activities.


Application for Membership

  • Applications for Membership are subject to approval by the NBSK. By completing the Membership Application and Membership Agreement and submitting payment for membership dues, the Applicant accepts Membership in The NBSK in accordance with The NBSK Membership Agreement and Bylaws.

  • The types of membership and fees payable are as follows:

Standard membership

6,000 JPY per year

Standard membership
(overseas residents)

7,000 JPY per year
(including membership card sending fee)

Craftsmen’s membership

12,000 JPY per year

Craftsmen’s membership
(overseas residents)

14,000 JPY per year
(including membership card sending fee)

Corporate member

15,000 JPY per year

Special member

60,000 JPY / 10 years or

a donation of equal value in kind

Special Corporate member

150,000 JPY / 10 years or

a donation of equal value in kind

  • Paying dues to the following bank account:


Japan Post Bank

Account Number


Payee Name

Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai

Please see the following link of the Japan Post Bank Service information: Remittance from Overseas to Japan Post Bank Account

Please read this first before applying.

Membership Regulations


Our PayPal account



Membership Fee as a Donation

  • The NBSK recognizes a membership fee as a part of the cost for their activities that contribute to public interest according to the accounting laws and regulations of a non-profit making foundation. Therefore the membership fees of the NBTHK will be recognized as a donation to work for public service.

  • A certain amount of the membership fee is used for the information service to the members and the management of the NBSK, with the consent of the members.

A donation to a non-profit making foundation may enjoy the privilege of exemption from taxation. Please address enquiries concerning the details of private and corporate donations to the head office of the NBSK.