The 12th Japanese Sword Craftsmens’ Exhibition/Competition Guide


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support of the activities of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Sword Culture (NBSK).

As part of our activities as a Public Foundation, the 12th NBSK’s Craftsmen’s (co-sponsored by the Sakaki-Machi Museum of Tetsu) will be held in Sakaki-Machi in Nagano Prefecture in 2022.

Last year, was filled with uncertainty due to the Covid situation, but with the cooperation of everyone involved, including the Sakaki-Machi Museum of Tetsu, we had an opportunity to successfully hold the “11th NBSK’s Craftsmen’s competition and display important works by sword craftsmen.

The exhibition is in a competition format that recognizes outstanding works by giving awards (including the Minister’s Award), and is open to both members and non-member of this association.

The results of all the craftsmen involved in the production of Japanese swords in the competition will be made publicly available in an effort to promote the culture of Japanese swords.

In 2021, the Treasure Hall (Important Cultural Property) at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo celebrated its 100th anniversary. However, on November 3 this year, celebrations for the 170th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Meiji will begin.

In commemoration of this event, in addition to this year’s competition we will also hold a special exhibition of contemporary sword works sponsored by the Sword Association. Overview will be described later)

Along with the special exhibition, we are also planning public events. An outline of the event is explained below in order to give potential applicants time to prepare.

Based upon previous results, we are expecting even greater works to be exhibited this time.

Please download the following pdf Guidelines file

Please download the following pdf Application form Template file

Please download the following Excel Application form Template file

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