The 13th Japanese Sword Craftsmens’ Exhibition/Competition Guide


We thank you for your interest in the Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai (NBSK), and look forward to your valued contributions and support of the NBSK’s future activities.

Last year, the NBSK also held the 12th Japanese Sword Craftsmen’s Exhibition at the Meiji Shrine Treasure Museum, in Tokyo. It was a great success with many visitors from both home and abroad.

As part of our activities for this year (2023), the NBSK will host the 13th Japanese Sword Craftsmen’s Exhibition at both Sakaki-machi Museum of Tetsu and the Sano Art Museum.

As explained below, the exhibition will be held in the form of a ‘competition’ that honors superior works with various awards, including the Minister’s Award. It is an open competition, therefore regardless of whether you are a member or non- member of our association, the results of all the craftsmen involved in Japanese sword production will be open to the public in an effort to promote Japanese sword culture.

This year’s exhibition will be the first travelling exhibition, and will be held at both, the Sakaki-machi Museum of Tetsu in Nagano Prefecture, and the Sano Art Museum in Shizuoka Prefecture. As a result, there are some areas where the application process differs from the previous year.

This year, will also include the Sword Oshigata Art section in addition to the regular categories of sword making, polishing, and mountings. For further information, please read the separate Sword Oshigata Art Guidelines sheet.

We would therefore advise all those interested in entering the competition to pay close attention to the following guidelines.


Please download the following pdf Guidelines file

Please download the following pdf Application form Template file

Please download the following Excel Application form Template file

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